A secret world,
A secret garden,
And my sweet escape,

Running away,
Into the night,
Leaving behind the lie,

Thus began the plunge,
The tumble through time,
Our fall from grace and into truth,

Always meant to be,
But the world didn’t see,

Our love, a flame,
Licked away the lie,
Leaving a shining truth in its place,

Slipping through space,
Our lie, our mask,
Came crashing down,

I held the flaming saber of truth,
For but a moment,
Would I damn myself and cut the veil?

Would I let the world burn?
Ripping and shattering,
Our shields were gone,

Our love,
Became known,
I let loose the flame,

My fears for naught,
With our heads held high,
We were embraced.