Forevermore I am gone,
The memories of our days haunt my existence,
My heart is shattered,
My soul is crushed,

The hallowed halls of my mind seem to be filled with thoughts… memories…
You cast your spell too well,
And now, you’re gone,
The spell not undone, lingering forevermore,

I long for your voice… your touch…
Too soon you left,
My love undiminished,
A flame to burn forevermore,

In that one serene moment,
My world shattered,
Everything I held dear,
Turned to ashes and embers forevermore,

But now your song is sung,
The words echoing forevermore,
Fringes of memories,
Wisps of love,

But from the dark forevermore must come the light,
A low roar in the distance,
A dim light through the dark,
A calm storm on the seas of my heart,

I will it to come,
I long for you, your spell taking its toll,
Forevermore I am gone,
Forevermore I am with you.