Once upon a December day,
The walls crumbled,
From the ramparts you came,
Charging the citadel,

The war horn rang,
Loud and true,
But when my eyes found you,
The world fell silent,

For the stars held no sway,
Time held no dominion,
Mighty lords cast their crowns at your feet,
For you eclipsed their light,

In that single moment,
My world changed,
My heart no longer played the song of life,
But the melody of love,

Gravity fettered me no longer,
Oxygen no more,
Respite a memory,
For you were all I needed,

For a mere glance,
Set my heart at ease,
A thought of you,
Tumbled into fantasy,

As the moments,
Passed into days,
And the days,
Into weeks,

I lived for those moments,
The stolen glances,
That moment when you looked at me,
That set my heart a flutter,

This game we played,
I was good,
But the only question to remain,
Were you better?

Such was our dance,
Deadly and beautiful,
One misplaced step,
Could spell disaster,

For that lingering doubt remained,
Could this not be coincidence?
Could this be a test from deities above?
But my heart protested the thought,

Every night still,
My prayer is thus,
“His happiness before my own,
Even if it should break my heart,”

For my love seemed in vain,
An impossible feat,
But then through the dark night,
A candle flame burned bright,

And low, that light doth waver,
Try as I might my faith becomes a mirror,
But through the bleak darkness,
The words are whispered “Keep holding on.”