I walked through time,
Unravaged, untouched, uncompared,
Until I met you,

I was there for it all,
I watched as countless empires fell,
I was there with the Angel at the tomb,

You changed everything,
In that one serene moment,
My world tumbled out of orbit,

Gone were the days of darkness,
Here were the days of life,
From far away, I heard the drum resonate once more,

Oh but God,
For with one word,
You cast your spell,

Together we walked,
Together we talked,
And from my desperate lips a kiss you took,

Thus, in the darkest night,
Together, we stole away,
Never to look back,

Our touch a spark,
Our kiss a flame,
And our love set the world ablaze,

Passion unbound,
Love run amok,
Feverpitch heartbeats,

Forevermore together,
Our love binds us,
Spellbound, you and I.