As the blue moon sets,
I feel the sorrow, misery, and chaos ebbing away in the world,
With the rising of the red sun,
I feel happiness, love, and peace rising like a phoenix from the ashes,
As these emotions flooded into my spirit, body and soul they were rent in two,
I felt my heart part my body and shatter,
From the heavens where I saw the scene unfold I could see,
A red rose formed from the love I had harbored within me,
A single red petal fell like a teardrop and turned a pure white,
Our friendship became a yellow rose,
From the yellow rose a petal fell and turned a passionate orange,
The air flowing gently around the roses lifted them up,
The curtains parted and the window lifted on its own will,
The air carried them away into the night,
Towards on balcony on which a girl stood solemn,
They reached her and caressed her skin,
Looking up towards me a tear streamed down her face,
Falling down through eternity it reached the cold marble of the banister,
There a soft purple shape took the form of a rose,
Suddenly within my soul I felt at ease,
For within that rose resided her love of me,
As the blue moon sets and a red sun rises.