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New Works & Updates

Memories of a Dance

I thought it was over, I thought it was done, The seal was set, But its all come flooding back, This ghost of my past, This lingering figment, The memory of those days, Come back to haunt, Dancing through candlelight, Fire and water given form, Stars and gold spun, Into never-ending night, But that age […]


Once Upon a December

Once upon a December day, The walls crumbled, From the ramparts you came, Charging the citadel, The war horn rang, Loud and true, But when my eyes found you, The world fell silent, For the stars held no sway, Time held no dominion, Mighty lords cast their crowns at your feet, For you eclipsed their […]


Sun and Moon

As the blue moon sets, I feel the sorrow, misery, and chaos ebbing away in the world, With the rising of the red sun, I feel happiness, love, and peace rising like a phoenix from the ashes, As these emotions flooded into my spirit, body and soul they were rent in two, I felt my […]



I think I was doing some kind of theme with the word forevermore? I feel I had just read some Edgar Alan Poe and was feeling particularly Moody, then listened to some Evanescence and poured my teenage angst into freeform poetry form. Why does this surprise us?


A Broken Heart

This is… just not a good poem. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying any of the others are particularly good either. But this one… This just a jumble of references to songs (apparently, I was on a Lady Gaga kick) and then sprinkle in some Humpty Dumpty because. Why not apparently.